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Ipod iphone photo video transfer

Ipad Iphone ipod tips and tricks and ipod troubleshooting for screen replacement and battery. Instruction for How to transfer music mp3 from ipod to computer and itunes .Guide for video photo transfer from ipod touch to itunes. Fix ipod touch does not recognize by itunes computer. Step by step troubleshooting for ipod shuffle generations and nano all generation not found by itunes pc. Fix ipod is disabled try again in millions minutes error and reset lost password to unlock ipod.
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Iphone 5s and iphone 5c both gsm and cdma phone 5, iphone 6 s plus have 12 mega pixel isight camera which can take high resolution movies and photos.
Even itunes store and many online store provide you free gallery and movies for downloading. This can fill up memory of iphone 5 32gb, iphone 6 64gb. And you need to transfer photo gallery, photo album and photo stream photos from iphone to windows computer and iphone to mac computer.
You can transfer photo album from iphone to computer by different method 1. Connect phone to computer 1. Use icloud for photo library transfer and 3. Use dropbox.
Connect iphone to computer for photo selfie transfer
1.     Connect phone to computer
2.     Open this pc on windows 10 computer and my computer on windows vista, xp or windows 7.
3.     Now find iphone6 se icon under my computer
4.     Now your photo stored under internal storage folder.
5.     Select all photos stream photos, photo album which you want to transfer to a computer.
6.     Now copy all those photos and paste on any folder on your computer.

Use icloud to transfer photos to your computer
1.     Now first go to icloud website and download icloud client for your windows computer and if you are using Macintosh computer then download for that icloud tool.
2.     Icloud is a like a cloud storage as we are using google drive and other file saving storage.
3.     Now set up icloud on your iphone. On your iphone go to setting  - then tap on icloud- now tap on account you can use multiple account with icloud on same iphone- then enter your apple user id and password -  now you will get free 5 gb for your icloud storage. If you want more storage then you need to choose icloud plan.
4.     Now enable photo stream on your iphone clould setting. This will transfer all photos selfie from your iphone to computer when you connect it via usb or wi fi.but it cannot transfer older photos on your iphone 6 se, iphone6 s plus. 

        how to transfer music from ipod to itunes

How to copy transfer music songs from iphone ipod to itunes and film movies transfer from ipod to computer or from ipod to another ipad iphone. Iphone ipod touch tips and tricks for mp3 album transfer from ipod shuffle, ipad iphone to itunes software.
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Guide for how to transfer music mp3 from iphone ipod touch to computer. Ipod touch tips and tricks for video photo transfer from ipod shuffle, ipod nano all generation to computer and itunes.How to reset ipod 4th 5th 6th generation and restoring iphone 16gb 32gb ipod shuffle generation for problem solving. Run ipod in diagnosis mode for error troubleshooting. IPod touch tips troubleshooting and ipod nano tricks.

Guide for how to transfer music mp3 hd movies from ipod to computer, ipod to itunes and to another ipad iphone. Ipod touch tips and tricks for songs album transfer from ipod shuffle, ipod nano all generation to computer and itunes.
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This article about how to transfer iphone video to computer and step by step instruction for transferring video movies from iphone to windows pc without using any software.
Apple iphone 6 , iphone 6s plus and iphone se all have 12 megapixel camera for video recording and photos. Even apple iphone 5, iphone 5s and iphone 5c have isight camera which can take video of 1080p high definition and high resolution.  Iphone 5 have different models like a1428, a1429 and a1442 all this iphone model have memory storage ranging from 16gb, 32gb and upto 128gb.
 On iphone /ipad you can watch hd movies, hd video and also have high quality pictures, photo support. From wifi you can also download movies for youtube and dailymotion and other movies video storage site. This all can fill up all memory of your apple iphone ipad. And you require to transfer video from iphone to computer or iphone5 to iphone6 and old iphone to new iphone.
 Also on itune store there are many free music and videos are available and you can purchase video movies from itune stores. And then download to your iphone. Now you want to play movies on your tv or computer. For that you need to copy iphone movies video to computer.
Here is two different way you can transfer videos movies from iphone to computer laptop. First method
1.     Connect your iphone to windows computer or mac computer/ mac pro. Here I explain transfer of iphone ipad video to windows computer.
2.     Iphone should recognize by computer and iphone will appear under this pc on windows 10 or my computer on windows xp / windows vista.
3.     Now under portable device find ipad / iphone icon. You will find all apple device icon under this pc.
4.     Now open iphone icon from which you want to transfer video to computer.
5.     Now double click on internal storage folder – then open dcim folder. All video movies are stored under dcim folder. Search and locate all iphone video files that you want to transfer to computer. Some video file extension which iphone support mp4, m4v, h264 video 1080p etc. now select all the video files that you want to copy to computer.
6.     Now open the destination folder on your computer and paste all the video movies files.

Second method

In this method you can use cloud storage like dropbox. Download client for your windows computer and also for your apple iphone6.
Then first upload all your video from your iphone to dropbox.
And then again log in from your pc to dropbox. And then download all your video from dropbox to your computer.

You have downloaded many Hollywood hd movies, films, songs from internet on your apple iphone or ipod. You have downloaded latest mp3 songs album or films to your ipod iphone from itunes store. Now you want to play those songs films on your computer and for that you need to shift all your iphone ipod data to your computer itunes.

   Most of the softwares are paid. Here I will show you how to transfer your iphone movies, songs,mp3 to your computer without itunes software for free. You can use this method for free transferring films, video from iphone ipod to computer without itunes.
  You must authorize your computer for playing movies songs music on your computer before you copy transfer music movies from ipod / iphone to computer without itunes for free.
In my method you don’t need any software like itunes for tranfering your media files and data.

Troubleshoot iphone ipad or ipod does not recognize by computer itues when connected via usb cable, iphone ipod does not appear in my computer or this pc. Details about why ipod ipad does not found by computer and steps for how to repair when ipod does not detected by windows computer.

Steps for basic ipod troubleshooting for ipod wont turn on, frozen ipod problem, ipod error troubleshooting and many more about how to fix if ipod does not appear in my computer or itunes does not detect ipod.
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    Computer would not recognize ipod when iphone ipod connected to computer ipod does not appear in this pc. How to solve tablet computer not recognizing ipod ipad. Reasons for ipod does not found by itunes and how to repair ipod not detected by laptop.
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How to restore apple ipod to factory setting when ipad ipod hang or struck. Step by step guide for ipod shuffle,ipod touch restoring when it is not working or frozen  and ipod classic mini restore for  troubleshooting and fixing ipod problems.
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